do it!

The football game was alright. I lost my yelling voice. Lots of cool people were there. JV won.. again. Varsity lost....again.

And well... all I can say about the 10 minutes or so that occured after the game....

Ask me later if you're in the mood for my giddy-ness. <3
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Im sick.

Im tired.

I hate it.

Im sick of school.

Im tired of dealing with lame ass people who treat me like shit.

I hate not being happy, even though i should be.

My Weekend:

I half-way painted my cheer box.

I got my homecoming dress. And its way adorable.

I got a cold.

I cheered my first game.
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whats better than a 2 day weekend?

This weekend:
>splendid trip to Shaker's with Alexis friday night
>alexis's bday dinner saturday night
>cracking asian jokes all night cause we were at PF Cahngs... "they should play mulan here"
>dirty gifts for alexis
>being crazy in bretts car jammin to gangsta rap... and mariah carey
>walking around downtown :)
>ice cream! <3
>all of us sitting on the couches in urban outfitters just chillin
>dancing to the street musicians with mike and then giving them chocolate and feeling good
>circling around one block in downtown for ages before finding the 5N... tricky little freeway entrance
>robbie talking to about me in 3rd person when im like two feet away from him
>realizing that kid sean is one of the lucky, i mean few people to be on the same planet as me
>talking with natalia :)
>about a zillion comments on myspace that were just sweet as...pie
>painting and chillin with the cheer girlies
>writing an essay in like an hour and ruling at it

so basically, today i've accomplished nothing besides taking a shower and happily watching two hilary duff movies

off to starbucks for a meeting with possibly the smartest, rulin-est, creative people i know: peter, heather, and dianne.

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Theres something about people that make me love them.

Im so over hate.

I've moved on to aggrivation.

But I still got the love. Hell yeah.
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sweet like candy

Today was pretty sweet.

It started out slow in math, and I guess you could say that it picked up in 2nd period because I was off the wall. Im always extremely hyper in that class and I have no idea why. English was sorta draining because we had a idiotic sub, which basically means Mr. McClure wasnt there and that the only good thing about that class. French was alright. It kinda made me happy to start speaking french again, for some silly reason. ASB was fabulous. I talked with the rest of the assembley skit commitee to talk about our ideas and how it's gonna go down. Then I made posters and talked to Dianne. She's such a fun person. We're like always on the same page, I swear. Lunch I had a cheer meeting which was slow, but when I found out I wasnt cheering friday I was so relieved. Spent the rest of lunch chatting with Natalia, and then Cassie, Tony, and Lorenzo. Environmental was boring sorta because I was just sitting doing my math homework.

And then came drama. The best part of my day. We just did little exercises to improve acting skills and whatnot, but I had fun thinking of crazy ideas and adding commentary with Peter and Clark. I also am soooo glad Natalia is in that class. Even though drama is like a separate world, Im glad she came into it and will be apart of my day!

Ooh, and today sweet Lizette came up and hugged me in the hallways. How incredibly random yet great at the same time. I love.

P.S. Alexis owes me a yogurt mill for spilling water all over my car! yay!
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Reply and fill in the blanks.

I wanna __________.

I ________ at _________.

I ______ my ________.

You are ________ ________ ___________ that I have ever ________.

I belive in _________.

I hope _______ ___________.